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Richard Payne compositions encompass works for stage, concert, film, television & radio, and song. Samples are available upon request.


Get Stuffed (Alexis Diamond, libretto) -
   tapestry new opera works
The Sheik - Victoria Symphony Reel Music
Not Committed - Independent Film by Suya Lee
Blue Corona - Corona Guitar Kvartet, Les Nuits de la Guitare
Binoculars - tapestry new opera works, word on the street
Con Ver Sing - Gary Karr & Kazuhito Yamashita,
   Yatsugatake, Japan
Akimbo - AUIT Vocal Ensemble, Philippines
Another Life - Independent Film by Kathy Kay


Arcadia Academy of Music Guitar Method Vol. 1-3
Goat Music Blues Guitar Method Vol. 1-3
Three Etudes, Gendai Guitar, Tokyo, Japan
Wrestling Match, West Coast Review,
   Simon Fraser University Press
Composers' Corner, Soundboard,
   Guitar Foundation of America          

Stage works


Get Stuffed - Alexis Diamond libretto,
   tapestry new opera works
Binoculars - Joseph Magvilia libretto, tapestry opera to go
The Three Musketeers - Bernard Turgeon,
   Glynis Leyshon director, Belfry
There - Tom Cone libretto, Banff Centre
The Bull - Kaz Pieswocki Movement Theatre,
   University of Victoria
The Little Match Girl - C. Leighton choreographer,
   Vancouver Art Gallery
Blueswork - Paula Ross choreographer, Vancouver
Rattle Box - with Glynis Leyshon, by Charles Tidler,
   Intrepid Theatre, Victoria
The Jewel Thief - Karen Skidmore, Banff Centre
Menotep - William Maranda libretto,
   University of British Columbia
Lysistrata - Douglas College Theatre Department, Vancouver
Walk - Catherine Leighton choreographer,
   Canadian Memorial Church
Stoning of Stephen - Canadian Memorial Church, Vancouver
Ham and Cheese - An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Fourteen Warm Bodies - Genesis Theatre Company, Vancouver
North of the North Pole - Genesis Theatre Company, Vancouver


The Portuguese Prince - Leofwin Luke libretto
   (2 hours 10 minutes)
SSATB/chorus - oboe d'amore/harp/guitar/cello/percussion
The Minotaur - Leofwin Luke libretto (1 hour 20 minutes)
   10 singers/actors/dancers - 2 flutes/percussion (2)
Akimbo - Leofwin Luke libretto (20 minutes)
   8 singer/dancers - percussion
I Am Hungry - libretto by composer (40 minutes)
STBB - wood wind quintet/strings/percussion or piano

Concert music


The Sheik - Victoria Symphony Reel Music
Blue Corona - Corona Guitar Kvartet, Les Nuits de la Guitare
Binoculars - tapestry new opera works, word on the street
Con Ver Sing - Gary Karr & Kazuhito Yamashita,
   Yatsugatake, Japan
I Am Hungry - goat music theatre,
   Victoria Conservatory of Music
Akimbo - AUIT Vocal Ensemble, Philippines
Akimbo - SOCAN Foundation, Vancouver Chamber Choir
Tomodachi - Arbutus Chamber Ensemble,
   Hornby Island Festival
Pacific Lines - Victoria Symphony 50th Anniversary,
   Glen Fast conductor
Sun - Phoenix Chamber Choir, Cortland Hultberg director
Blues for VEJI - Hugh Fraser and Frank Foster, Banff Centre
Divertisement for Guitar Quartet - Vancouver Guitar Quartet
Seven Japanese Songs - Michael Strutt,
   North American and European tour
The Rose Family - Sarabande, Western Canada tour
Chushingura - Michael Strutt, North American tour
Tomodachi - Bonham/Dawes Duo, British Columbia tour
Legato/Agitato - Robert Rogers, Open Space, Victoria
Prelude for Solo Violin - Toni Stanick, Vancouver
Bye Bye, Daddy's Home - Erika Northcott and Gary Dahl
Ode of Entrance from Antigone - Erika Northcott and Gary Dahl
Suite Milano - Island Chamber Players, Victoria
Suite for Flute and Guitar - Jane Martin and Alan Rinehart
Duet for Guitars - Michael Strutt and Richard Payne,
   Open Space, Victoria
Three Etudes - Richard Payne, Victoria
Five Pieces for Solo Guitar - Richard Payne, Victoria
Suite for Solo Guitar - Michael Strutt, Victoria
Prelude for Solo Violin - Terry Doerksen,
   Vancouver Composers' Showcase
Suite for Solo Guitar - Lloyd Malito,
   Vancouver Composers' Showcase
Quartet in G - Toronto
Six Quintets - An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Fall and Thoughts - Kathleen Payne,
   An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Psalm #52 - An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Duet for Viola and Guitar -
   An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Rose's Piece - An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Blueswork - An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Duet for Viola and Flute -
   An Evening of New Music, Vancouver
Textures - Fine Arts in the Forum,
   Vancouver Pacific National Exhibition
Creation - Kathryn Cernauskas, Array West,
   Alex Pauk music director, Victoria


Bird Song - children's choir, text by Joy Kogawa
Con Ver Sing - solo bass and string quartet
Petite Suite - bass
Ca. 2:20 - piano
Wrestling - percussion duo
Sandbox - flute and bass
Divertimento for Oboe and Bassoon
Rondeau Variations - piccolo trumpet and harp
Dialogue for Cello and Flute
Laude Novella Fia Cantata - oboe and guitar
Theme and Variations - flute/oboe/guitar
For Tom and Joyce - flute/cello/harpsichord
Seishin - oboe/harp/percussion
Suite for Strings - string quartet
Divertisement for String Quartet
Adagio for Strings - string quartet
Wa No Seishin - flute/oboe/cello/harp/percussion
Variations on A Theme by Fred Katz - wood wind quintet
Brass Quintet
Introduction and Fugue for brass quintet
Freddie's Piece - 6 percussionists
Shapes - 2 flutes/string quartet/percussion
Blues for Nancy - trumpet/strings (64221)/percussion
Fall and Thoughts - soprano-piano, text by Lewis Carroll
A Prayer in Spring - 2 sopranos-piano, text by Robert Frost
Counting the Mad - mezzo/clarinet/percussion (2),
   text by Donald Justice
Atmosphere - soprano/flute/oboe/clarinet/bassoon,
   text by Robert Frost
Wrinkles - soprano/wood wind quintet/celeste or piano,
   text by K. K. Ballard
Kyrie - medium voice-bell choir

Film, television, and radio

Not Committed - Independent Film by Suya Lee
Creekside - Silver Sky Films, National Film Board
No Life for A Woman - Serendipity Films, National Film Board
Via Regia - Oregon College of Education
A Gift of Water - Cinegraph
   docudrama for Univiversity of British Columbia
Another Life - Independent Film by Kathy Kay
Charles Simmonds - artist's documentary
Research - OCS Technologies, corporate film for PBS Boston
Italian Village - Toyota Installation, Osaka
Research - Fujitsu corporate film, Tokyo
Tokyo Motor Show - Mitsubishi Motors corporate film
Walk - CBC TV
Stoning of Stephen - CBC TV
Two Plus You - TV Ontario series, international distribution
Knowledge Is Understanding - TV Ontario documentary
Song for French Horn and Guitar - Vancouver Show, CKVU TV
The Chip - Vancouver Show, CKVU TV
Blue Corona - Radio Canada
Binoculars - CBC Radio
Con Ver Sing - NHK Radio, Japan
Alice in Wonderland - CBC Radio Drama
Shoot the Unicorn - CBC Radio Drama
Seven Japanese Songs - Polish National Radio


Richard's catalogue includes over 300 songs for film, television & radio, theatre and commercial recordings. He contributes both lyric and music, alone and in collaboration. Genres include pop, folk, blues, jazz, children's, art song and opera. His first songs, written with Bob Lesher, were recorded by their bands "Northern Sound" when he was fourteen and "City Blues" at fifteen and sixteen.

Song settings of Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" for CBC radio led to songs for TV Ontario's "Two Plus You" series which ran in syndication for twenty five years and his children's opera "I Am Hungry", which received its concert premiere in Victoria, BC in 2001.

"Holy Night", to which Richard contributed lyrics, continues to be a Japanese eurobeat yule tide standard for Avextrax after twenty years.

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