stage music


-Get Stuffed  - Alexis Diamond libretto, tapestry new opera

-Binoculars - Joseph Magvilia libretto, tapestry opera to go 

-The Three Musketeers - Bernard Turgeon, Belfry Theatre 

-There - Tom Cone libretto, Banff Centre 

-The Bull - Kaz Pieswocki Movement Theatre, UVic

-The Little Match Girl - C Leighton choreographer, Vancouver 

-Blueswork - Paula Ross choreographer, Vancouver 

-Rattle Box - by Charles Tidler, Intrepid Theatre, Victoria 

-The Jewel Thief - Karen Skidmore, Banff Centre 

-Menotep - William Maranda libretto, UBC, Vancouver

-Lysistrata - Douglas College Theatre Department, Vancouver 

-Walk - Catherine Leighton choreographer, CBC Vancouver

-Stoning of Stephen - CBC Vancouver 

-Ham and Cheese - An Evening of New Music, VECC

-Fourteen Warm Bodies - Genesis Theatre, Vancouver 

-North of the North Pole - Genesis Theatre, Vancouver


-The Portuguese Prince - Leofwin Luke libretto 

   (2 hours 10 minutes) 

   SSATB/chorus - oboe d'amore/harp/guitar/cello/percussion 

-The Minotaur - Leofwin Luke libretto 

   (1 hour 20 minutes)

   10 singers/actors/dancers - 2 flutes/percussion (2) 

-Akimbo - Leofwin Luke libretto 

   (20 minutes)         

   8 singer/dancers - percussion 

-I Am Hungry - libretto by composer 

   (40 minutes)        

   STBB - wood wind quintet/strings/percussion or piano 



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