Create and Express

Create and express your musical ideas.  Goat Music's comprehensive approach helps develop creative, instrumental and music industry skills through studies in songwriting, composition, improvisation, arranging, theory, ear training, guitar and music career counselling in both popular and classical genres.  Goat offers private instruction, workshops for school settings and pre-production packages for self-contained units. 

Goat Music Guitar Method

The Goat's 3 volume guitar method is designed to introduce the guitar and its music in a graded course covering basic techniques in folk, rock, blues, jazz and classical styles.  Theory sections explain scales, modes, chords and progressions as well as materials for improvisation allowing students to discover and pursue their musical goals.

Available in pdf for $10 per volume $25 per set. Available in print at Arcadia Academy of Music.

Volumes 1 - 3

Book 1 introduces notes in first and second position; basic guitar techniques in rock, folk, blues and classical styles; and the music theory of scales, intervals and chords.

Book 2 introduces new keys, chords, scales and techniques as well as theory to enable the student to work up the neck and develop improvisational skills.

Book 3 completes fingerboard knowledge with studies and repertoire in all types of music.  Movable scales, modes, arpeggios, chord progressions and solo playing are developed.


Goat Music studios are located a convenient two-minute walk from the  Lawrence station on the Yonge subway line.  There is both limited free parking on the street and a municipal parking lot nearby.  The acoustic teaching studio is equipped with piano, amplifiers, sound system and large writing table.  The electronic studio has a MIDI workstation and sampler with recording, editing and burning capabilities.  Lessons can  also be recorded. 


Creative workshops in songwriting, composition, improvisation, arranging  and theory begin with an interview to ascertain participants' abilities and the educational objectives of the workshop.  This information is analyzed and a course of action recommended. Workshops are then scheduled and implemented with support material provided.  A question and  answer period concludes each session.  The sessions are documented and a report is provided. 


Private lessons in songwriting, composition, improvisation, arranging and theory are $50 per hour.  Lessons are scheduled monthly with payments in advance.  Three hour band packages are $300.  One hour creative workshops are $300 and a three-hour workshop package is $750.